Art Matters in All Spaces - Even Bathrooms

In this elementary school, teachers took the the time over summer break to create art with positive messaging on bathroom stall doors. Anyone who remembers middle school, or has a friend or child in it right now, know it is rife with unique challenges. Mental and emotional stresses really effects a persons’ world outlook, and using art to help eachother cope is a huge deal.

You can read the full article here on USA TODAY.

From Article: Principal Garcia adds finishing touches to one of the bathroom stalls.   (Photo: Courtesy Warren Middle School Forney ISD)

From Article: Principal Garcia adds finishing touches to one of the bathroom stalls. (Photo: Courtesy Warren Middle School Forney ISD)

YouTuber Vsauce on color perception

We LOVE color here at Bring On The Art. Everyone uses their colors differently, experiences them differently, and it can become a magnificent tool for self expression. Color is a perception of the human brain as it processes light. And, based on the chemical makeup of your mind, your color experiences may be different from everyone else.

This maybe be one of our favorite “color theory basics” videos - it is an oldie (In YouTube terms), but if you haven’t enjoyed it yet, buckle in because weeeee our brains are funny things.

Not only that, Vsauce brings in The Explanatory Gap, Qualia, and Theory Of Mind all to help us understand that our experience of colors is not the same, but it’s good that we are asking.

USA Today - Art helps deal with trauma

Art is a necessity for everyone. Sometimes, all someone needs is a safe space and a sketchbook. Let’s make that normal. Here is another article on how much art helps the human mind cope. Link at bottom.

Life is already a struggle. Then you have individuals who need to deal with even more horrible situations. It is a difficult thing to not give back the same pain you were given. Pair that with being in your teens, when your environment should be supporting you and helping you grow as your mind expands, your body changes, and your empathy could be maturing.

Even more frustrating is how much art funding keeps getting cut, especially in poorer areas. Art and music are a wonderful tool. In some cases, life saving. Someday we will find a way to have our art products give back to the community. We are adding that to #LifeGoals.

Whether it's art and music therapy or art and music as therapy, it calms traumatized teens…

Studies have shown that participating in music and art can alleviate pain, help people manage stress, promote wellness, enhance memory, improve communications, aide physical rehabilitation, and give people a way to express their feelings.

Art is "a special way for the kids to get some of the release," says Yoder who teaches at Renaissance Academy. "The more tools you give kids to express themselves, the more equipped they'll be to handle stuff their way."


Thumbnail image: One of the pieces of artwork created by an art therapist with a Renaissance Academy high school student from Baltimore for the school's last "Breaking Frames" exhibit.(Photo: Courtesy of Breaking Frames)